• The herb garden is as old as the human race. Think about that for a moment. The very first gardens, they had herbs. Dating back as far as 2400 B.C., an herb garden was constructed as part of ancient Egyptian medicine temples and schools. Not to mention the Garden of Eden. Herbs were one of my introductions into gardening. A sweet woman named Barbara taught me how to make dried herb wreaths!  I always feel when something has that kind of staying power in life, it must have great purpose! And WOW, do herbs have a purpose!


    Herbs have strong aromatic properties used for relaxation. Many know herbs as medicinal. There is a long list of herbs that were a part of the Bible. These Biblical Herbs are considered very sacred in many regions. There are herbs that are used for culinary and cosmetic resources. I love cooking with herbs! I clip some and keep them in a pretty antique glass on the windowsill when I cook for friends.

    Spices are sometimes from herbs, and are usually the root, bark or seed-pod. Like Cilantro, when it goes to seed, the seed becomes the spice called Coriander! The coolest thing about herbs is that you use most of the plant for different reasons. Petals for fragrant potpourri, leaves for tea, seeds for cooking, blooms for art, roots for medicine. But you have to be careful. Some parts of the herb plant can be toxic. Always have a great book for reference prior to consumption. I love the one listed below by Lesley Bremness.

    I just love herbs and the following are my very favorite things about HERBS!


    1. Rosemary stems can be used as shish-kabob skewers.
    2. Freeze chopped herbs in ice-cube trays filled with olive oil, just pop one into a dish to melt.
    3. Bundle herbs with rubber bands and hang upside down with a paper-clip, as a hook, to dry.
    4. Lavender under my pillow helps me sleep.
    5. Crushed Lavender wrapped in a cheesecloth bundle placed in my bath helps me relax.
    6. An herb bundle in my ponytail while gardening keeps bugs away.
    7. Citronella is an herb used to keep mosquitos away, but I cut some and put it in my pockets too!
    8. A bowl of hot water with Oregano helps with sinus problems when breathed deeply.
    9. Mint has a square stem! Which is just cool, not really a tip…
    10. Herbs are excellent butterfly companions, and bees love them too!
    These are some of the must have tools I use to gather and cultivate herbs in my own garden. I wanted to start sharing some good products with you all, so please click on anything that looks good and you can purchase them today.  I love Fiskars Micro Tip Trimmers the most!       -Peace, Caroline