• The subtle transition from late summer to fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Indiana. I have always said, “No one does fall better than Indiana!” And it’s true! The colors are so vibrant in our state. So get out there and enjoy these Autumn days Hoosiers!

    This year we have a very high chance of an abundantly vibrant foliage season. Carbohydrates and sugars are not just about watching a girls waistline, they also have a great deal to do with the colors that appear on our Indiana foliage. When our fall season is at the peak (Around October 15th), we should see an abundance of reds, purples and oranges due to the massive amount of recent rains.
    The United States National Arboretum states that, “A growing season with ample moisture that is followed by a rather dry, cool, sunny autumn that is marked by warm days and cool but frostless nights provides the best weather conditions for development of the brightest fall colors. Lack of wind and rain in the autumn prolongs the display; wind or heavy rain may cause the leaves to be lost before they develop their full color potential.” We are headed for the perfect mix here in the Hoosier State this Autumn.

    The Fall Equinox begins on Wednesday, September 22nd at 10:21am and one of the things our family has always enjoyed is celebrating this very cool event by having a beautiful harvest dinner. The last of the sweet corn, green beans with shallot butter, new baby beets with feta cheese for a salad and steaks on the grill…do not forget the wine! Fall is the perfect time for red wine, like a smooth Merlot! I’m a Duckhorn fan but, I love the Dreaming Tree wines too, especially “Crush”
    When the days are sunny, I love to drive down the Indiana country roads and forage for great flowers to hang-up to dry. I use my back hall closet to dry flowers, because it is dark and I have a great closet shelf rod I use. Plus that is where the laundry hamper is and it keeps everything from smelling funky. Goldenrod is one of my favorites to harvest. You can find it in September in most fields, many think it is what people get Hay fever from but that is an honest mistake because it looks much like the culprit, Ragweed! God is an amazing creator, there are over 100 different types of JUST Goldenrod! Who knew? Right? I find that magical and I often feel closer to our Creator on a beautiful Indiana fall day than any other time of the year.
    I hope you are enjoying my little blog, please comment below and be sure to follow me on all the attached social media sites to get inspired! Happy Fall Peeps!
    -Peace and Much Love,