• Carrie Petty’s Fall Garden Checklist

    Cut perennials back to 3 inches high, but leave some seed heads for the birds

    Be sure to shake any full seed heads back into the Garden

    Harvest all final flowers and veggies

    Plant bulbs, bulbs, and more bulbs until ground freezes

    Harden off plants to bring indoors, stop bugs by misting 1-part rubbing alcohol to 10-part water.

    Clean up garden bench

    Prepare bird feeders and buy seed for winter

    Keep broken ceramic pot chips to use for drainage inside container base

    Take cuttings of plants to start or propagate indoors

    Flush sprinkler systems and shut off

    Turn off hose nibs after final use

    Mow lawn short for final cut

    Treat lawn for spring-emerging weeds

    Clean up debris EVERYWHERE

    Rake leaves start a compost pile with non-diseased plants alternating with fall leaf layers

    Plant Paper Whites and Christmas Amaryllis bulbs for indoor decorating

    Disinfect pruner blades and make final deadwood pruning cuts

    Take ample notes for next year

    Create a garden grocery list to keep by garden bench for spring supplies

    Late November prune for Christmas greenery.

    Mulch tender perennials and roses to protect from snow and heaving

    Power wash sidewalks and porches and wash windows for ample sunshine! Cheers!