• November is the month we think about, “Putting the Garden to Bed”

    Halloween’s ending marks the true beginning of the Holiday Season at Caroline’s Garden. I am busy cleaning up the garden beds now so that there is ample time to enjoy the parties, cooking and good cheer of the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. You don’t want to be too busy in the garden, when the entertaining seasons is now in full gear! I just love this time of year!

    Garden Work in November

    Is all about cleaning up debris, so not to cause disease in the spring. Weeding and edging for a clean winter presentation are critical. Give the yard a final low-setting mow and mulch the tops of tender perennials for protection. Pull out all annual planting, clean and disinfect pots. Keep seed-heads from flowers for the birds to enjoy. Enjoy and take notes for the coming garden season! I like to use 1 part bleach to 10 parts water and give my clay pot a good scrub. Let them dry in the sun prior to storing for the winter.


    When putting away tools for the season, I like to give them a good sharpening so I can be off & running in the early spring.  Metal does not like corrosive bleach so I use rubbing alcohol to disinfect my metal tools, then I use a good coat of oil to prevent rust. For wooden handles, I sand and stain with a top coat of polyurethane for good measure.

    Bring in the Beauty:

    Annual flowers in containers do very well indoors. I begin by bringing them in at night to prepare them for their life inside.  Then I remove the top 1/2 inch of soil and refill with a fresh topcoat of new potting soil.  I disinfect the saucers and bottoms of the pots, as to not bring in disease. Make sure you look for insects under the leaves and use a spray bottle with a drop or two of rubbing alcohol to prevent pests.  The color in the windows during the cold winter months is a cheerful addition.

    To help you better prepare your gardens for a long winter’s nap, here is my personal checklist that I keep posted by my wooden gardening bench.  Carrie’s Fall Garden Checklist