• A New Year brings with it the opportunity to begin again, hit the ‘reset’ button and hope for brighter days ahead. As a gardener, Carrie Petty says she is reminded that, “Hope Springs Eternal.” It’s not just about throwing a fab party, it is truly about reflection and beginning again, renewed.

    So celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends and family is the perfect way to say goodbye to 2016 and usher in that new beginning. Make sure your tables and décor match that beautiful optimism!! A white and silver table-scape theme is perfect, with lots of twinkle lights too!

    Use clocks and paper clock faces to reset your Christmas tree. Take a few ornaments off and add some “2017” numerals and black and white, paper, clock faces to set the theme! Crafting with Adeina, @AdeinaAnderson recommends using these clocks under glass plates for dinner settings. Carrie says she just loves this idea!

    In Carrie’s Words: “Out With the Old & In With the New!” Party!

    Every year we have a big fire in the fire pit outside in the garden. At 10:30pm we head outside all bundled up, kids too, to pledge our dedication to casting off the old and putting on the new in our lives. We have called it, “Out with the old and in with the new!” The idea: Write on a piece of paper something you want very badly to give-up and toss it in the fire with a few words about what’s been holding you back, or you can do this silently too. Then claim the new beautiful, optimistic thing you want to replace that old habit with, it is a fun activity that can get you to the midnight hour!


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