• The Right Tools for the Garden

    These are My Top 10 Garden Tools for Beginners. 

  • Good Gardening Tools Matter! Can you imagine trying to do the laundry without all the right equipment? Or, trying to cook a beautiful meal without the proper cookware? This is true for growing things in the garden. Tools matter! And this is the time of year to take an inventory and purchase some new gear!

    There are a few basic gardening tools you need to make your gardening life flourish and to protect you while you work. The very first is a wide brimmed hat! People, do not think you can work outside and not be harmed by sun damage. I always wear a hat, sunscreen and well fitting gardening gloves, it not only protects but it puts me in the ‘gardening mode!’ Also, when using loud equipment like a blower I always protect my hearing with earplugs and protective eyewear!

    But, my greatest asset in my tool inventory is my pruners and a hand trowel. ‘Dig and snip, dig and snip!’ The well-worn leather holster on my right hip is a must to hold my pruners. I always know right where they are and intuitively reach for them when needed. The hand trowel, a small shovel, should fit your grip perfectly and help protect your wrist with an ergonomic design. Another hand-held tool that is an absolute ‘must’ is a weeder.  These dig deep down along the root of the weed and your just tip and pull. I love this item in the spring when weeds are young and easy to pull. Finally, you will want a good soil cultivator or fork to rough up the topsoil and bring oxygen to the roots.

    One ultimately great brand that I trust is Fiskars.  Their products have Lifetime Warranties, they are rust proof and incredibly ergonomically friendly. They have the best line of large hedge sheers. And their Loppers and 3x Power Loppers for bigger limbs are so easy to use. 

    Collecting debris and cleaning up requires a good rake. Now rakes, I use 3 different types. Large plastic rakes, medium metal rakes, and my favorite, a small bamboo handled, metal tined rake for reaching under bushes. I love the Fiskars portable “Kangaroo Popup Bag” to dispose of my trimmings and debris too! I love this thing. You can spray it down when you're finished and it folds up for storage. Good stuff!

    Digging larger holes takes larger tools. Shovels and edge shovels are my 2 favorites. Keep the edge of your shovels sharp at the garden bench and oil these after use to keep rust at bay. 2 kinds of shapes, round edge, and square edge shovels do two different tasks for digging and edging respectively.

    Now, if I am dividing perennials in the spring, one of the hardest jobs, in my opinion, my two most trusted hand tools are the transplanter, a large wide shovel to carry the load from one spot to the next. Also, a great tool for dividing is the Billhook from Fiskars. This crazy looking handheld tool that trims shoots and stems back as well as cuts between roots to divide even the toughest root balls.

    Finally, If you are going to carry all these great tools you have to get organized. I love the 5-gallon bucket wrap that carries and organizes all your great new shiny tools in one place!

     These Few Basic Gardening Tools Will Get You Started!


    Cheers and Happy Spring from my garden to yours, this is Carrie Petty helping you, “Grow a Beautiful Life!”

  • March To-Do List

    Fill Bird Feeders

    Clean Up Winter Debris

    Apply 10-10-10 Granular Fertilizer

    Prune Broken Branches

    Power Wash Sidewalks and Stone Walls

    Wash Windows to Let the Sunshine In

    Order Seeds

    Start Seeds Indoors

    Order All Gardening Tools From Carrie's Website

    Prepare Garden Bench for Work

    Purchase Potting Soil